What to bring on a caving weekend

I’ve split this into two sections – recommended for above ground and under ground. You may not want to bring everything on this list it’s up to you

Above ground

  • Tent if you are camping
  • Sleeping bag
  • Ear plugs / Eye mask
  • Pillow
  • Wash bag (incl. towel)
  • Any electronics you wish to bring (we do have Wi-Fi)
  • Weather appropriate clothes for 2 days. It can get cold in the evenings
  • Easy clothes to change into after caving (including underwear)
  • Dinner for Friday
  • Breakfast for Saturday and Sunday morning
  • Lunch if required
  • Some cash / a few coins

Below ground

  • Water bottle to take into the cave if going on a particularly long trip
  • Snacks for the cave. Nothing bulky or will get ruined by being squished. Trail mix, sweets, chocolate bars, energy bars are all good options. You don’t need to go overboard maybe 1 or 2 things will get you through the beginner’s trip but you’ll also be fine without
  • Thick socks – ideally wet socks
  • Wellington boots
  • Thermals / fleece to wear underneath oversuit. It is constant temp all year round in caves of around 8-10°C. Would recommend bringing layers in case you are too warm. Make sure you don’t wear cotton. Synthetic is recommended
  • Builders gloves / gardening gloves / marigolds - not required but nice to have
  • Knee pads – no need to go super expensive with these nor are they required for your first trip it’s just more comfortable

What you can borrow from the club

  • Helmet
  • Oversuit
  • Torch